Friday, 19 March 2010

runequest rpg

A couple of photos from the Runequest adventure run by Harry. It sees the adventurers underattack from a swarm of Scorpion men.


This week saw the start of a largish Very british Civil war battle. The Anglican League and their Scots Republic allies, fresh from victory at the battle of Sheepwash bridge are trying to press home there advantage with a quick attack on the town of Bedlington.. The attacking force consisted of a company of Scots regulars and militia and 2 Anglican League companies including the treacherous Lord Clifford and his Border Horse. The Royalist defenders are still suffering the aftereffects of there heavy defeat hand have been slow to prepare the defences of Bedlington. The defenders consist of C & D company of the 4th battalion Northumberland fusiliers and a mixed company of local constabulary and the Wansbeck branch of the BUF.
A view of Bedlington
The league attack was from the west advancing over open ground covered by a Vickers HMG, the initial moves saw a rather ponderous advance on both flanks badly effect by the Border horse spotting a fox and disappearing into the sunset.

AL militia advance

The initial Royalist defence proved quite stiff at first with heavy casualties beginning to mount in the attackers. A full section of Scots regulars were surprised by hidden Royalist troops and after a short firefight quickly left the field, the flank only secured by supporting militia who with a rather large number of 6's being thrown promptly decimated both sections from D company.

View from the Royalist positions

At this point the Royalist centre also began to suffer with C company also suffering heavily from sharp shooting by the opposing enemy militia. However things look brighter on the left as the BUF and Constabulary have so far repelled the League advance. Early moves next week will quickly determine whether the Royalists can hold onto Bedlington.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

First Post

Greetings. The main aim of this blog is to advertise our local club and to provide a monthly update for the games that we run.