Friday, 30 April 2010


Just a few photos from a recent VBCW game using the free rules from Empress miniatures. It was based on the local constabulary backed up by BUF, auxiliaries and army trying to arrest the local Vicar before he could be rescued by the approaching Anglican League.
All in all a successfull result for the Police as the Anglican League got themselves involved in a firefight with some local workers militia taking a rest in the local pub, as such they forgot their objective who was promptly marched off to the Police cells.


  1. Love that 'crazy' vicar's robes.He must be a jazz lover ;)

    The village is great,any chance of a full view shot?

  2. The vicar was borrowed of the RPG lads, believe he is a russian priest.
    Unfortunatly didn't take a full shot of the village, got to immersed in the running the game