Saturday, 17 April 2010

where they come from

after the scorpoin attack the pcs carried on they set up camp for the night ,about 0230 in the morning the sentry herd a noise it was orks trying to sneek up on the camp,thats a no no for a start hows a ork going to sneek up for a start,grunting,as they attacked the priest jumpt to is feet at the same time a flame shot from is hand ingolfing the centre of the charging orks and wolves they just melted to the ground as the other orks just froze to the spot the other members charged in catching the orks of guard,the barbarian took down the group commander in one sliceof his sword and the dwarf+fighter took out the shaman out before she could think of a spell plus a few more in the centre girwain the noble took out 3 on his own he said that what you get for waking a gentlman without a cup of tea.only one ork made it out in one peace.

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