Friday, 18 June 2010

the road to shel,s head

as the group were resting for the night three wyvern,s attacked the camp without warning unless a large winged dragon flew over a couple of mins ago to high to have a shot at,

the dogs started to bark next to the sleeping barrbarian never stired a inch on the other side of the camp the dwarf was holding is own against this large crecture,the noble sleeping on top of the mamoth woke up jumped of the mamoth double sumersult and landed right on the crectures neck and sruck it thrugh the head it dropped dead befor it it the ground,he,s good with them dice

the barberian woke up with the dogs chewing its feet then it it with is knew sword then the other pc came in and helped pollish it off,the third one was killed by a lance in the gut by a pc on a tiger.the dogs feed well that night

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